INTRIX Titanium Thermal Flask

Introducing INTRIX Titanium Thermal Flask - Your Future of Drinkware 

Key Features:

Premium Medical-Grade Titanium Construction: Crafted from high-quality medical-grade titanium for unparalleled strength, lightweight design, and corrosion resistance.

Double-Wall Insulation: Ensures superior temperature retention, keeping beverages hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.

Vacuum-Sealed Technology: Leak-proof design with advanced vacuum-sealed technology for spill-free portability.

Multi-Usage Functionality: Versatile for a wide range of beverages, including hot coffee, chilled water, tea, and more.

Limited Edition Exclusivity: Individually numbered and marked as a limited edition item, adding a touch of exclusivity to your collection.

Easy-Clean Lid: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygiene with every use.

INTRIX Purification System Compatibility: Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Malaysia's 1st Drinkable Multi-Usage Tap with Water Purification System for pure and safe drinking water on-the-go.


Capacity: 420ml
Material: Premium Medical-Grade Titanium
Weight: 230 G
Packaging: Comes in an elegantly designed packaging box, showcasing the limited edition badge and product features.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning: Hand wash the flask with mild soap and warm water. Avoid abrasive cleaners or bleach.
Maintenance: Regularly clean the lid and sealing gaskets for optimal performance.
Storage: Store the flask with the lid removed to allow proper ventilation and prevent odours.
Sustainable Design: Crafted with eco-conscious materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.