Intrix SteriPure Upper Room (Wall-Mounted) Air Disinfection Device

Technology Proven To Inactivate Covid-19 

Businesses are interrupted due to the spread of the COVID 19 in the workplace, so how can companies and leaders reset for growth beyond the coronavirus?

Keeping the doors open is the biggest challenge facing small businesses today. About 70% of small businesses are concerned about financial hardships due to prolonged closures and 58% worry about having to permanently close.

Businesses are struggling to find their footing in what their community needs and how can they recover from their pandemic wounds.

Part of the great reset, as companies and countries envision a post-COVID-19 future, is rethinking how technology can serve our needs, how it can reestablish normality by bringing workers back to the workplace safely and successfully.


Model Name: IUAU-UV36WC

  • Input Voltage: 220 - 240V ( 50-60Hz)
  • Rated Power: 36 W
  • Lamp Lifetime: 9000 Hours 
  • Ballast/Gear Type: HF-S
  • UVC Radiation Luminaire: 11.2 W
  • UVC Irradiance at 2m distance: 120
  • Product Weight: 8Kg
  • Dimension, mm: 510x175x170 (LxWxH)
  • Colour: Matte Black

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