Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

  • Distributed by Intrix Group’s Thermo Hygro Instruments Sdn Bhd with over 15 years experience in healthcare, medical, pharmaceuticals and hospital related industries
  • Suitable for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel
  • Respirators made of high-quality material, comes with 3 hood sets, digital display, P3 air filter, and rechargeable lithium battery
  • WHO recommended P3 filtration grade, efficiency up to 99.97% to filter out particles including bacteria and viruses
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 1hr charge time and 8hrs operation time
  • Intelligent Control System adjusts power automatically according to the blockage of the air filter to ensure constant airflow supply
  • Constant airflow, natural breathing experience
  • Combined respiratory, head, eyes, and face protection
  • Eliminate the risk of breathing in harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Double layered non-woven cloth hood
  • Built-in pressure drop alarm sound
  • Stable and comfortable wear. Adjustable straps
  • Clear vision. No fogging even working at a low-temperature environment (filtered air is blown towards the screen)
  • Adjustable fan speed. 3 different airflow rates available (170/210/250 L/min)
  • Hood set - Recommended to sterilize daily
  • Accessories available for purchase : air filters, battery and additional hood set 
  • Air Pump warranty for 1 year (excludes air filter and battery lifespan)
  • Comprehensive technical support and after-sales service availble

Air Filters

 Filter Type 1st Layer - Stainless Steel Mesh 2nd Layer - Melt Brown Filter Cotton 3rd Layer : HEPA N95 Grade Air Filter
Recommended Filter Replacement Per Usage 1-3 months 4 hrs  2-4 weeks 

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